Privacy Notice

Privacy Statement
All personal information is explicitly used by Network-Shop only and will never be shared with a third party, unless it is necessary for a payment transaction or the delivery of an order.
Network-Shop values your privacy and adheres to international regulations in this regard.

Personal Information
Your personal details are included in our customer database. Network-Shop uses your personal information for the evaluation, the assessment and implementation of the purchase agreement and to manage the resulting customer relationship, including marketing activities by us, collecting of payments, preventing fraud and compliance with legal obligations. Network-Shop uses your information solely to provide you with the best possible service. Without your explicit consent personal data is never given to third parties.

The functionality of this website depends on the use of browser cookies. A browser cookie is a small file (roughly 4kb) that allows our server to identify your computer.
You must enable cookies to complete a purchase from our site. If you have your browser set to not accept cookies, please be advised that the website may not function properly.

Non-Personal Data
Network-Shop may collect anonymous information (information that does not personally identify you) about the use of this website. General and anonymous visitor information is collected, such as the most visited pages. The goal is to improve the quality of the website. This data can also be used by Network-Shop to improve the information on the website. We use this information to improve this website to better meet your needs.

Network-Shop uses analytic methods (tracking pixels and JavaScript) as a way to monitor the performance of the website. Through this process we collect anonymous information about how users interact with our website. This information is used internally in order to help us improve the Network-Shop user experience.

Customer Testimonials
All information submitted to Network-Shop in the form of a customer testimonial will become the property of Network-Shop. We can choose to display such information in any way we deem appropriate. In the event your customer testimonial is put on public display, the testimonial may include your name, age, as well as the city and state/province in which you live (Example: Great Job! Ahlan, Dubai, U.A.E).

Network-Shop may run promotional contests or giveaways. When entering a contest you will be asked to submit an entry form with personal information. This information could include your name, address, date of birth etc. Through entering a contest, you are giving Network-Shop the rights to the information submitted on the contest entry form. Information collected in this manner can be used in any way deemed acceptable by Network-Shop In the event that you win a contest, Network-Shop may release this information to the public (Example: Winner of Contest X is Abdullah, 26, from Dubai, United Arab Emirates).

Email Newsletters
Network-Shop publishes an email newsletter in which we promote products and share beauty/organic lifestyle tips. Subscribing to the newsletter is free and conducted on an opt-in basis. In the event you are receiving the newsletter and wish to cancel your subscription, simply click the unsubscribe link located in the footer of the email newsletter.

At Network-Shop we periodically conduct customer surveys. You must understand that the decision to submit information to Network-Shop in this manner is completely yours, and by doing so you are forfeiting any rights to said information, and therefore such information will legally become the property of Network-Shop This information will be used internally and will not be disclosed to the public or to any third party in a way that will identify you as the author of the information.

Network-Shop reserves the right to make changes to our privacy statement.